Friday, 19 November 2010

And so it begins...

Perhaps halfhearted is a bit of a negative term to start me off but it sums up my feelings at kick off, allow me to explain...

I was sitting comfortably on the sofa in my warm, dry living room watching hundreds of inspirational people queue up to shake hands with the delightful Ant & Dec before hitting the streets of Newcastle to complete the Great North Run. After managing to drag my sorry backside around a park in St Albans to complete my first ever 5k (not far off my first ever run), I realised that I actually enjoyed the experience.

Thinking back to this from my comfortable vantage, "I can do that" I thought - in my stupidity/naivety (delete as you see fit) I was thinking this was a 10k. So to the internet and I am filling in my details to receive info about the 2011 race and booking B&B with my Mum in Whitley Bay.

Fast forward to October, no further down the line of actually training and I am still persuading myself that I could possibly, maybe do the run. I then have a meeting in London with Audiofuel - by the following day I have an email from Sean with ideas, suggestions and support to help me on my way. Brilliant support which was unexpected and very appreciated, so the downloads are done and the iPod populated... I then google treadmills and enjoy a weekend of generally lazing around - I am not proud of that by the way, just being honest.

Once again thanks to Sean and his facebook update - I learn about Janathon ( for more details) and realise that this great idea could be the kick start that I need for 2011.

Now if I manage the Great North Run 2011 or not remains to be seen, but without a goal I have nothing to aim for. At the very least I want to complete Janathon (blogs and all) and run at least a 5k and a 10k in the year I turn 30.

Now it is all here in black and white, time to actually follow through on what I have been talking about since September.


  1. Good luck with the Janathon challenge. I'm sure it will help you to build a habit for getting out there and putting the miles in.

  2. We can follow each other during the Janathon Challenge!

    I did manage my first half marathon last February with not enough training and a slight injury half way through. But I went past the finish line, which was what I wanted. I will never win any races, but at least I know I have the will-power to finish what I start!!

  3. Best of luck with Janathon! It's always great to hear about newbie runners and their experiences, we'll be checking your blog regularly to see how you're getting on. Our community of Sports Product enthusiasts will be able to help you find the right gear, a friendly bunch who love to review products to help you improve your performance. Check us out -